Skirting Cutting

Island Flooring offer the specialised service of cutting skirting boards due to the recent investment in a plunge saw. Our customers can now redecorate, without the inconvenience of having to remove skirting boards from the wall. This results in less wastage, a reduction in cost of materials and reduces the timescale required to finish the job to the high standard that our customers expect.

For more information please call: 07885 586054

Step 1: Any obstacles obscuring access to the skirting board are removed. This ensures the plunge saw can cut at a consistent height.

Step 2: The cut height of the plunge saw is set to ensure the wood flooring will slot neatly underneath the skirting board. The skirting board is then cut using the plunge saw, any excess material is removed.

Step 3: The wood floor is then installed by slotting the flooring underneath the skirting board. This gives a high quality and professional finish.